How it Began


Although I consider myself to be an abstract artist, I do love to draw figuratively from life. A little while ago I became interested in using the app called Procreate on the iPad, to create images.  In order to teach myself how best to use the software I began by drawing, first the live human model and then I went on to produce self portraits and a portraits of my wife Denise. Soon after that I drew my dog and then some animals from a local farm. 

I learnt a lot about using the software by doing these coloured drawings and when I posted them on social media I got lots of likes and messages from people asking if I would draw images of their pets. Each drawing actually takes many hours of work by hand, and even though I use a photographic reference, I do not like to use any of the filters and other apps that are available, which almost automatically produce a simplified image of the subject.

I like to make what I consider to be works of art, in my own style, which has been critically described by Theobot as follows:

“ Experience the vibrant energy and dynamic texture of these expressive digital portraits. With a blend of measured and gestural drawing styles, this artwork captures a sense of liveliness and movement. The subject's features, from the detailed eyes to the bold strokes of colour, create a captivating and engaging composition. Immerse yourself in this unique interpretation of portraiture, where the balance between figurative and abstract elements truly shines.”

I was obviously delighted when I received this description of my work.  I started to take commissions and have my drawings giclee printed and framed for my clients.

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