Welcome to my website, thank you for visiting. Just a quick word before you begin ...

"I paint ..."

My work is very much concerned with process, with one idea leading to the next, which is why the galleries on this website have been arranged chronologically, with the most recent work being seen first. Sometimes the visual ideas form 'Series' of paintings that have a lot in common with one another. At other times one idea might lead to paintings which might seem to be in complete contrast to what came before ... hence a different 'Series'. No matter what the series or how different the various paintings may seem at first viewing, there is in fact, great consistency in the visual language used. My paintings are produced slowly, one decision at a time, and they reveal themselves in the same manner.

I have created this website in an attempt to reveal my creative process. It has been constructed in a sort of personal 'Blog' style and I envisage, over time, adding sections which will cover visual perception, composition and detailed analysis of individual works together with developmental photographs of the paintings from their beginnings to final resolution.

All work is Acrylic on Canvas unless otherwise indicated.

Mixed Media 2019-2020

During 2019 I began to use a wider range of media in my work on paper (and Mylar) including charcoal, conte crayon, and oil pastels.  In March of 2020, as we all now know, the out break of the corona virus put many of us into isolation.  Being a member of an at risk group (because of my advancing years and under lying medical conditions) I have now been in isolation with my wife for almost 50 days! The first 14 days passed without my doing any art work (although I must point out that I was also getting over transatlantic jet-lag)but as soon as I returned to the studio on the 15th day I had a longing to produce small collages! This was something that I had never really done in my work before.  I do not believe in using old,  or printed materials for collage, as I wish my collages to be well crafted and long lasting, without yellowing or fading. So I painted my own watercolour papers to use, together with past life drawings and paintings, of which I have hundreds!

As I post these latest works today there are 10 of them, while the 11th is begun but remains in the studio for further development.

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